About us

Better Makeup. Better Skin

At Advanced Mineral Makeup we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between beautiful makeup and quality ingredients. With 25 years as a Television and Film make-up artist, former aesthetician Annie Mayo, launched Advanced Mineral Makeup in 2009 to bring you the highest quality, natural mineral makeup. Advanced Mineral Makeup has won countless awards, is the most progressive, top endorsed makeup brand today and is used by head makeup artists for shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS.

Meet The creator

Annie Mayo

I fell in love with makeup early. When I was a little girl, I loved watching my mum sit and put her makeup on. I was obsessed from then on. When my friends were reading books, you could find me with my nose in the latest fashion magazines. Fast forward to today, I am still in love with the transformation I see in people when they sit in my chair. The confidence they radiate when someone looks and feels their best in intoxicating. I want to create that experience for you.

The products I have created are easy to use, made with the best ingredients and offer you the same transformation without all of the layers of products on your skin. This isn’t about building up a mask to create the illusion of beauty. This is about bringing out what is already there and letting everyone, especially yourself, see how beautiful you are. I know when you look great, you feel great and can accomplish anything from that place.

Award Winning

"Not all mineral makeup is created equal. Advanced Mineral Makeup brings you superior ingredients and flawless results without compromise."- Annie Mayo